• June 23, 2020
  • by cfontes

    Sometimes. Male hemp plants can be hard to find in a large, outdoor field, and even one missed male can pollinate an entire field of females.

    In fact, hemp pollen can travel over 100 miles in the right (or wrong) conditions!

    Even if the farmer culled every single male out of their field, there is no guarantee that the farmer 20 miles away did the same.

    For this reason, all outdoor flower will have some seeding, and that is simply to be expected for outdoor flower (we do not explicitly call out seeding in outdoor flower if it is minimal).

    During our intake of new product, we take 1/8th, break it up, and count the seeds. If there are 5 – 10 seeds in the sample, we mark the product as “slightly seeded.” If there are more than 10 seeds per 1/8th, we mark it as “heavily seeded.”

    We try to make sure you realize you are getting a “more seeds than normal” product when you purchase, but in the event that you missed it and bought by mistake, please reach out to us right away.