Project Hemp Flower aims to create a different kind of hemp flower site. Instead of hiding who the farm is, keeping COAs redacted, and selling anything we can get our hands on, we want to create a better, safer experience.


With Project Hemp Flower, you’ll know the name of the farm that grew your flower. It’s important to us that credit for the quality goes to the grower, and furthermore, you can find growers that you like and continue to purchase from them. Just because you bought Lifter once and loved it, doesn’t mean the next farm that fulfills the distributor’s needs list is going to have the same quality, cure, etc.


Second, we hold the flower ourselves, and we send our own sample in for full panel testing to Think20 Labs. Everything we sell will be federally compliant and tested for Heavy Metals, Microbials, Mycotoxins, Pesticides, and Residual Solvents. You’ll also get a complete cannabinoid and terpene profile, so you can further learn what you like, what you don’t, and make better buying choices for your needs in the future.


Third, every product we list has to pass the scrutiny of our Chief Judge, Cannabis Cup winning master grower, Rob Allen (aka the Red Beard Pharmer). You’ll get to see what he thinks of the flower and read his reviews before you buy.


And, not only the Red Beard Pharmer, but our panel of Celebrity Judges will also get their hands on the product and give you their personal review.


Lastly, only verified purchases can review our products. Once you’ve purchased, we will ask that you leave a review for your product. You’ll get to rate the smell, appearance, flavor, and effects, so other customers can see what you think about the flower.


We want the community (that’s you) to help drive the direction of the flower. Your feedback will get back to the farmers, and we will strive to have a site full of community-driven products that you absolutely love!


Project Hemp Flower isn’t just an eCommerce site – it is a Project that we are all involved in to reset expectations of what it means to have “great hemp flower.”


Happy Hemping!


– The Project Hemp Flower Team