Matt Sowers
Celebrity Judge
Matt started using hemp flower in February of 2019 to help with pain and inflammation from a decade's old wrist injury. Hemp flower has been the only thing that has ever helped the inflammation, and he no longer needs to take pain killers to manage pain. In April 2019, after being a patient for 2 months, he saw a need for transparency in the marketplace. Matt took the task upon himself and on 4/20/19, he officially launched TheHempSheet, a site providing clear and transparent information about hemp flower and concentrate vendors. Matt painstakingly reviews every vendor and transcribes information about shipping, packaging, quality, testing protocols, promo codes, and more. In addition, Matt also runs a very active discord community of 1,200 members and over 35 vendors focused on hemp flower and concentrates. His discord community has become the premier hemp community on discord. From discussing hemp and sharing pictures, setting up group buys, to creating and running a medical study. There is something there for every hemp user.
Favorite strain
Charlotte x Cherries