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Dominic K, aka Shabazz, is a hemp and cannabis influencer, YouTuber, and entrepreneur that has been involved in the cannabis industry in one way or another for the last 12 years. He has experience in everything from growing, trimming, distributing, running his own medical collective, writing online articles about cannabinoids, to photographing cannabis flower professionally.

For a decade, Dominic dealt with a THC hypersensitivity that only allowed him to enjoy traditional cannabis in very small amounts or not at all, which is why when low THC and high CBD hemp flower became a mainstream thing in 2018, he dove in head first. He now runs one of the most premier hemp-focused YouTube channels which provides honest feedback about various strains and vendors, while giving lots of valuable information about cannabis as a plant and a medicine as well. He now considers himself a hemp flower connoisseur, and focuses on recommending the highest quality and best bang for the buck strains to his followers.

Favorite strain
Legendary OG