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August 8th, 2020 is National CBD Day, and as such, we’ve prepared CBD buying tips! If you don’t know much about CBD, that’s okay! Take the time today to hit the google machine and learn all about it. There are tons of benefits, it’s completely legal, and can be completely organic!

When buying CBD or a CBD product, make sure that what you get is safe and legal. Here are our top 5 tips for buying CBD.

Tip #1: Know Your Options

There are several different ways to used CBD. Here are some examples:

CBD Tincture


A tincture is a quick way to get CBD into your system. This sublingual method is fast-acting and fairly bioavailable. You’ll find CBD tincture as one of the most popular methods for CBD delivery.

CBD Creams, Salves, and Topicals


Topical applications are best used for skin-related issues, but it’s a great way to get CBD directly to the area of concern


Taking a pill is pretty common for most of us. CBD pills can be an easy way to get your daily dose without changing your routine.


Raw hemp flower is the easiest way to get the entire plant profile – along with CBD – with the least amount of processing. Flower can be infused into your own oil at home, baked into cookies, smoked, vaped, and in some cases, even juiced!

These are just some of the ways CBD can be delivered to your body, but certainly not all! The CBD industry is full of innovative technology companies and entrepreneurs, and new products hit the market every day.

Tip #2: Make Sure It’s Safe

While the industry is booming, there is still a lot of regulation missing. This can lead to … less than honest… businesses out there taking advantage of consumers. This happens both intentionally and by mistake. Either way, we don’t want you to get unsafe product.

The easiest way to do this is to verify your product has a full-panel COA. This means that the product has been tested for:

  • Cannabinoids – how much CBD, Delta 9 THC, and other cannabinoids are in the material?
  • Terpenes – terpenes (lovingly referred to as “terps” by the community) often dictate what kind of effect you might feel, if any, and have a variety of useful purposes all on their own
  • Heavy Metals – you don’t want iron or other metals in your consumables!
  • Mycotoxins – you don’t want mold and other bad fungi in your consumables!
  • Pesticides – no one likes poison!
  • Microbails – no one wants bad or harmful bacteria in there, either!

If your provider won’t give you a full panel COA, you don’t want it in your system.

You should also verify that the full panel COA actually corresponds to your product and isn’t fraudulent. These days, most have a QR code you can scan and it will take you to the online version of the COA so you can compare. Also look for a batch number, possible a SKU, and a description of the product tested on the COA and make sure it matches your product.

Here at Project Hemp Flower, we use Think20 Labs to provide us with full panel COAs on everything we sell. This way, we ensure that everything is safe and meets the Federal definition of a hemp product. (Check out any product on our site to see what our full panels look like)

Tip #3: Start Small

If you are new to CBD, we generally recommend starting with small amounts first, then gradually increasing until you experience the desired effect.

It is always easier to increase than decrease. It may take a little time, but eventually, you will know exactly how much you need, and taking only the right amount will help save you money in the long run!

Tip #4: Don’t Give Up

Not every product type, every strain of flower, or every dosage works for every person and every problem. Our endocannabinoid system is complex, and using phytocannabinoids to help our system work better is currently more art than science (yes, there are tons of peer-reviewed journals on the efficacy of phytocannabinoids, but dosing and delivery method for specific ailments is still being researched)

Tip #5: Support Good Companies!

With the aforementioned troubles of bad companies taking advantage of consumers, it is important that you support good companies doing the right thing! This is a new industry, and new companies can really use the help!

These few things will make a world of difference for good companies:

  • Give them direct feedback – they need to know what you like, what you don’t, and what you suggest
  • Leave Reviews – positive reviews are required this day and age, so take the time to leave a review on their store, with Google, or however they capture user reviews
  • Recommend to a friend – word of mouth is and always has been the best marketing! Tell someone if you have a good experience with a company!

And Lastly…

To celebrate National CBD Day, use code YAYCBD20 on checkout for 15% off all weekend!

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