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The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food recently made a suggested statutory change to hemp laws that would have significant ramifications for cultivators in the state.

In short, the suggested change would mean that no material can be exported out of the state of Utah if it was over 0.3% Total THC. This simple change would handcuff farmers from selling flower, and even most biomass, to out of state locations.

As it is, Utah farmers are already precluded from selling flower in-state, so this would be the final nail in the coffin for Utah hemp farmers, and most would be forced to leave the state or simply shut down.

According to the NHA, they had farms and businesses reach out to them for guidance, and that prompted the NHA to send a lender of recommendation to UDAF.

Click here to see the letter for yourself, but here is a quote to summarize the letter:

…this alteration will compromise the ability for hemp farms and other businesses to perform and sell material in your state, effectively destroying any industry your state currently has. It is our recommendation that you do not update Section 4-41 as proposed.

– Erica Stark, Executive Director of the National Hemp Association

We are thankful to the NHA for being proactive in this regard, and we fully support the stance they are taking here.

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