Trichome Institute: Hemp Flower Interpening Kit


This curated kit will help you identify the physical and aromatic properties of hemp, so that you can train your eyes, nose, and trigeminal nerve for interpening marijuana. The attached Interpening TAG™ Report will identify the physical and aromatic characteristics of each hemp flower and explain how those features would be a representation of marijuana within the broad to narrow leaf spectrum.

Trichome Institute curated this hemp flower interpening kit to guide interpening students through their education with hemp flower varieties representing the broad to narrow leaf marijuana spectrum. Additionally, this kit provides everyone with high quality smokable hemp mindfully selected with our partner, Project Hemp Flower.

The kit contains three eighths (3/8ths oz) of hemp separated into three categories: Broad Leaf Hemp, Medium Leaf Hemp, and Narrow Leaf Hemp.

Each variety includes a full panel lab analysis by Project Hemp Flower. The flower is tested for heavy metals, mold, pesticides, and other toxins; and the lab test also includes the cannabinoids and some varieties include the terpene profile as well. Trichome Institute then evaluates the flower and issues it a detailed quality assurance TAG™ report for each variety.

The TAG™ process includes information about the health, ripeness, and density of the trichomes, identifies any visible mold, insects, or faulty characteristics that generally escape traditional lab testing. All hemp selected for the training kit must pass the stringent TAG™ standards. At the end of the report you’ll also find information on how the hemp flower aids as a guide for categorizing the physical characteristics and trigeminal nerve stimulation.

A quick note from Max Montrose:

As you dive into Interpening, you’ll learn there are many complexities of cannabis. We’re offering this hemp kit to help make things a little easier to understand. I’m really excited that we’re now able to provide this resource to you.

Training with cannabis hemp flower is a great way to hone your marijunana interpening skills and the hemp we provide in our kit is only the highest quality, so enjoy smoking it during or after your hard interpening work! ~Max

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