19.8% CBD .20% D9 THC .82% Total THC Hand Trimmed Outdoor
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Elektra from NV Farms comes from Medford, Oregon. Grown outdoors and hand-trimmed, this flower has compact green and purple buds that have a sweet and flowery smell to them. This flower contains 19% CBD and is fully tested for safety.

About NV Farms

NV Farms, located in Medford, OR, is owned and operated by Nico Vanderway, a 9th generation hemp farmer. This season, NV Farms has planted 127 acres of hemp and continues to cultivate world-class hemp flower.
SKU: 7-1-1-HL Category: Farm: NV FarmsStrain: ElektraCompliance: Delta-9 THC

4 reviews for Elektra

  1. Red Beard Pharmer Chief Judge Two-time Cannabis Cup winner and master grower




    This was a smooth smoke, nice and chill. Good trim job, and nice looking buds. I enjoyed the effects, and noticeable pain relief. Nothing bad to say about this one.

  2. Brandon Jackson Internal Expert Cannabis Connoisseur




    Interesting feel to this strain. I can’t decide if it makes me more sleepy or energetic, a bit of a mixture. The buds break up nice, and you can tell the farmer put a lot of care into this flower. Nice punchy taste to the flower.

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