Lifter Smalls

19.51% CBD 0.09% D9 THC 0.87% Total THC Machine Trimmed Outdoor Slightly Seeded
5 - 10 seeds per 1/8
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Lifter from High Wire Hemp has a strong citrusy grapefruit flavor mixed with an earthy aroma. It is outdoor grown in Western Colorado. This flower comes in at 19% CBD and fully tested for safety.

About High Wire Hemp

High Wire Hemp is a small, solar powered farm nestled among the West Elk Mountains in the fertile North Fork Valley of Western Colorado.
SKU: 5-2-1-MS Category: Farm: High Wire HempStrain: LifterCompliance: Delta-9 THCSeeded: Slightly

4 reviews for Lifter Smalls

  1. Red Beard Pharmer Chief Judge Two-time Cannabis Cup winner and master grower




    This one is an all around good smoke for beginners. It’s not too intense, but surely does the trick! Good trim job, and nice buds. (* NOTE: This review was originally for the High Wire Hemp Lifter large buds)

  2. Brandon Jackson Internal Expert Cannabis Connoisseur




    Buds are sticky-icky, you will feel it on your fingers. Forget the world’s problems feel. Just want to curl up with a blanket and zone out. Helped me fall asleep quick. (*NOTE: This review was originally for the High Wire Hemp Lifter large buds)

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