And now for something completely different. We would like to introduce you to Alpen Gleaux. Funny name, funky flower. This strain has the beautiful purple colors that hemp lovers dream about. The unique aroma that wafts through the air the moment this flower is introduced is something to be experienced firsthand.

The Alpen Gleaux strain comes from High Alpine Genetics, and is unique in that it is an autoflower strain. Autoflower strains have a quicker grow cycle, and tend to not produce as large of buds as other strains. This is not necessarily the case with Alpen Gleaux, as these plants still produce quite solid yields with large fluffy buds.

Alpen Gleaux has a wonderful perfume-like taste and smell, and is very rewarding on effects. This strain will definitely provide some sleepy-time indica like effects, which is great for a relaxing evening. With terpenes such as Caryophyllene and Guaiol making their presence known, this gives the strain a very floral and piney taste to it, with a peppery hint. Give it a shot, and Alpen Gleaux will not disappoint.

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    Buffalo Skull Ranch

    Alpen Gleaux

    Batch: 33-1-2
    CBD: 8.14%
    Compliance: Delta-9 THC
    D9 THC: ND
    Environment: Greenhouse
    Primary: CBD
    Strain: Alpen Gleaux
    Total THC: .31%
    Trim: Hand
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