Lifter stays true to its name with a refreshing, light, uplifting feel. It has a bit of a sedative effect to it, so this strain may not lift your energy levels. It will more likely lift your spirits, and lift you into bed and tuck you in. Not usually very heavy on effects, it will leave one feeling nice and floaty for a refreshing afternoon nap, for a relaxing evening watching your favorite show, or a nighttime deep dive into slumber.

The Lifter strain originated in Oregon by crossing SH50 and ERB, it produces bushy plants with large buds. A favorite among farmers, hemp novices and connoisseurs. Lifter has beautiful green and orange big buds, with a nice smooth aroma to it, and has a stickiness that you will feel on your fingers. The aroma gives off a nice slightly sweet earthy smell, similar to herbal tea, with hints of fuel.

Lifter is a great strain for beginners. With dominant terpenes such as Myrcene and Pinene, it’s not too intense but will definitely do the trick.

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  • Sahalie Herbals


    Batch: 42-1-1
    CBD: 13.63%
    Compliance: Delta-9 THC
    D9 THC: ND
    Environment: Outdoor
    Primary: CBD
    Strain: Lifter
    Total THC: .54%
    Trim: Hand
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