Who doesn’t like having a nice cool drink at the beach? Sour Pineapple instantly takes you to that spot with its wonderful aroma. This flower comes from East Fork Cultivars by crossing Sour Tsunami with Pineapple Tsu. The combination provides aromas of dried pineapple mixed with IPA beer.

The light green buds are pleasing to the eye, the nose, and the mind. Providing sativa like energetic effects, this is the perfect kind of strain to keep your head in the game even while you're in the clouds. With high levels of terpenes such as Myrcene, Pinene, and Terpinolene, The sour fruity goodness is ready to whisk you away.

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  • Infinite Tree

    Sour Pineapple

    Batch: 39-4-1-HL
    CBD: 12.86%
    Compliance: Delta-9 THC
    D9 THC: ND
    Environment: Outdoor
    Primary: CBD
    Strain: Sour Pineapple
    Total THC: .45%
    Trim: Hand
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