With the relative newness of hemp flower, not many strains can claim they are classics. Suver Haze is quickly becoming a classic flavor, and is widely popular amongst hemp enthusiasts. This Oregon flower’s ease of growing in a wide variety of climates instantly made it a hit among many hemp farmers, and the large sticky buds were very popular with consumers.

Suver Haze was born from a cross of Suver #8 and ERB. It has a nice sour earthy smell to it, reminiscent of sour apples. Powerful in terpenes like Caryophyllene, this flower also gives off a peppery aroma.

Suver Haze buds break up nice, and can be compared to a nice glass of wine in the evening to help you settle in and unwind. Like a bottle of wine, this strain is good to share amongst friends in a social gathering, but don’t overdo it, as the drowsy effects may just make it an early night.

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