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Here at Project Hemp Flower, our goal is to deliver to you the highest quality American grown hemp. We love working with farmers, learning about new genetics, and are very passionate about all things hemp. We’ve assembled a team of hemp experts who have worked in the industry for many years, and we are ready to challenge preconceived notions of hemp and the capabilities of the cannabis plant. If you have any questions for us, feel free to email us [email protected].

We wanted to take a moment to share some of our methodology for curating hemp flower. Here you will see what goes into identifying, coordinating, and evaluating flower for your consumption.

We are Dedicated to Transparency

When you purchase from us you will know where the flower was grown, and get to know the growers behind the magic. We ensure that all flower is legal to sell according to federal laws, and we verify all hemp licenses are legitimate and registered with the state in which the flower is grown.

With Project Hemp Flower, we are providing you direct access to amazing flower that would otherwise often only be available as bulk on the wholesale market. Beyond access to great flower, we go to great lengths to ensure it is safe.

Safety First

All products on our website are third party tested by Think20, a licensed and accredited independent lab that follows the strictest guidelines of California Cannabis standards. All products go through full panel testing that we share with you, so you will be able to see not only the cannabinoid profile, but also terpenes and safety panels. You know the flower you purchase from us will not contain any dangerous substances such as pesticides, heavy metals, dangerous molds or mycotoxins. Because our testing is standardized, you are able to compare and consistently source the products you like. Whether that means cannabinoid profiles, terpene profiles, or simply a farm or strain you prefer.

Only the Best

Beyond full panel tests, we have other standards that hemp flower must live up to for our stamp of approval. The flower must be well trimmed, with the majority of sugar leaves removed. The aroma must be a pleasant cannabis scent, no grassy hay smell. The flower must be slow dried and well cured, contain minimal or no seeds, and the smoke must be exceptionally smooth.

We sample all products in-house, so you know it has passed the smoke test. Our internal judges will thoroughly scrutinize hemp flower, and review it on many aspects including aroma, taste, trim, appearance, and feel. Once the product is approved and listed on the site, you will also have the opportunity to leave your review, and become part of a community that brings hemp to a higher standard.

We’re Hemp Enthusiasts

We are many things: passionate, knowledgable, hard working, and caring. However, there are some things we are not.

We are not lawyers. It is ultimately up to you to ensure you understand your local cannabis laws before purchasing. All of our products are 100% federally legal as per the 2018 farm bill, and contains less than 0.3% Delta-9-THC. Hemp is non intoxicating and will not get you high.

We are not doctors, and nothing stated on the site should be construed as medical advice. Please consult your physician if you have any questions about hemp, CBD, smoking or vaping. Any effects that may be stated in reviews are purely anecdotal, and your results may differ.

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While we consider ourselves knowledgeable about cannabis, we know that it is ultimately up to you the community to guide the future of hemp flower. By choosing us, you do your part in showing how important safety and quality is in the hemp industry as a whole. So let’s get the discussion going. Reach out to us on Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, or Twitter. What do you want to see in the hemp flower you buy? How can we help with that? This project is about all of us.

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